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The backstory takes place 3 years after Marscat Game's previous title, "Knightcore Universal". The world is ruled by cats as each city has its own Lord who leads and swears allegiance the king of the world - King Pera that takes form of a cat. Players are to worship the people of the moon who once ruled this land and dig up the history of this land in their remains.

"The moon in the sky then falls under the influence of some unknown forces. The shattered moon then turns into meteors and damages the land of Camelot, creating Time Caves by ripping the gravitational boundary with its powerful crash impact. Having lost the protection of the gravitational boundary, Camelot keeps getting harassed by the monsters that swarm out of the Time Caves. Players are to establish their own Legions, lead and deploy different Heroes and army types from all over, take out the monsters, and close the Time Caves that has become passage ways for the monsters."


"Knightcore Kingdom"Original Game Soundtrack – Dawn of Moonfall

"Changes happen all the time, embracing change is the only way to eternity." The orchestra album was made and designed to enhance the "change" that the people in Camelot encounter, then to follow up with the more active concept of acceptance and reconstruction, making these the core idea of the album. JoeFang Design Studio, a frequent design contestant at the Golden Melody Award, was also invited to join the Solitude's universe and specially designed the disc that could be spun to represent the moon after the incident. Players could spin the disc and get an idea about the catastrophe that the five major cities faced. Not only is it a perfect match for the gameplay concept in Knightcore Kingdom, it is also a lucid display of the mind journey of the Camelot residents or perhaps, all the audience.

Penciled mostly by YinFu, a promising comic book artist who drew a picture of Knightcore's worldview, the comic has a total of 7 volumes. In 2017, YinFu came out on top in the Nippon Manga Contest hosted by Yoshimoto Kogyo, went up against 463 submissions, and took home the grand prize with his work, "Dolls". In 2019, he then again went up against 324 submissions and took home the grand prize in the Kyoto International Manga Anime Award. You can take a sneak peek at the entire Battle of Lionheart story which took place 3 years ago in the stand-alone comic.

The digital version is published by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency on the Creative Comic Collection platform.